Hello friends,

We here at HMA Labs value users experience. That's why we are proud to announce the launch of App Testers where you can test beta and alpha releases of our apps.

What will you get?
  • You get to try new features before they get released.
  • You get to meet people with your same interest and share your knowledge and discuss stuff you love. You will have exclusive access to App Testers forum in our community.
  • Possibility to become a Premium User for free to enjoy premium features. (Needs administration approval)

How to become qualified?
Very easy! If you have a device with Android operating system, smartphones or tablets, you are qualified.

What do I need to do when I become an App Tester?
You just need to use the app regularly and report any bugs or suggested enhancements in the App Testers forum.

How do I apply to become an App Tester?
If you are interested and are qualified, then please fill up this form CLICK HERE

What's next?

If you filled out the form, we will be contacting you soon and provide you with more information.