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Understanding Image to Text Android App

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  • Understanding Image to Text Android App

    Before rating the app and giving bad reviews, please read this. Most of the times there are a misunderstanding about how the app works and thus leading to bad reviews.

    Some of the most asked questions and misunderstanding about this app

    Does the app use the Internet?
    Yes, it does. It is mentioned clearing in the app description on Google Play that the app needs to connect to our servers to be able to work.

    Why do I have to pay to use the app?
    You normally have 10 scans per day for free. If you need to use more scans, you need to subscribe or buy the premium plan. For every scan you use, it's an expense on us. We pay huge money for servers, developers and customer service. We cannot provide something for free. We need to at least cover our expense.

    I chose my preferred language on the settings page but it is still showing the language dialog.
    Did you make sure to click "save" after you changed the settings? If you change the settings and got out of the settings page without you click the save button, everything will get back to its previous setting.

    The app doesn't read correctly
    You need to understand that the app can only read fine text. Blurry, handwriting and noise backgrounds WILL affect the reading and thus returning inaccurate results.

    Does the app support all languages?
    No. For a list of supported languages, please visit our Knowledge Base page.

    More will be posted as we receive them
    Absolutely no private messages for support purposes. Please use our support page HERE.

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