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Why some of our apps are not available in some counties?

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  • Why some of our apps are not available in some counties?

    Hello folks,

    In this post, I'll try my best to explain why some of our apps are not available in some counties. Please be informed that there are no hard feelings towards any country or race. This is purely business and nothing personal. However, before we start, there are some things you need to be aware of.

    How do Advertisements Work?
    In many of our apps, we have implemented ads. Each time a user clicks on an ad, we get paid. However, the amount that we get paid for varies depending on many factors. This amount is called Pay Per Click or CPC for short. Some countries pay $1.00 per click and other countries pay $0.01 per click.

    What are some of our expenses?
    Running apps is not free for us. We need to at least cover expenses by placing ads. Another method, if running the app is expensive, we provide subscriptions to be able to use some features or remove ads. Some of the expenses are, but not limited to, servers, third-party services, developers, etc.

    Why is my country blocked?
    As mentioned before, some countries have very low CPC, usually developing countries. In addition, most users from low CPC countries do not subscribe or buy our products or services simply because they are expensive for them. It is not free for us to run our apps. Not having some kind of income is definitely costly for us because it's nearly impossible to hit the break-even point for that particular country. On top of that, we have received lots of bad reviews on Google Play for our apps and most of the negative reviews are because either the app contains ads or it is not free. So allowing users from those countries are doing us harm more than good.

    Why not lowering subscription prices for developing countries?
    The cost of running out apps is a fixed cost. For example, let us take Image to Text as an example. Each scan in the app costs us the same in the USA as in India. Lowering subscriptions for a particular won't do any good because we won't be able to break-even for that particular country.

    I hope you all understand and, again, nothing personal and this is solely business.
    Absolutely no private messages for support purposes. Please use our support page HERE.

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